What's the difference between your OnlyFans and Patreon?


  • Photo set published each week
  • Foot fetish content available for purchase on Fridays
  • The only place I will be posting videos
  • Easy to request and fulfill custom content
  • Will publish some small sets that you won't find on Patreon
  • One photo set published each week for Sensual Tier
  • One photo set published each week for Just Feet Tier
  • One photo set published each month for Biggst Fan Tier
  • No video content
  • Biggest Fan Tier has implied nudes
  • All photos are shared via password protected links

Is there any nudity or porn?

I share lewds and implied nudes. However, I don't leave a lot to the imagination. I do not have any photos or videos that contain explicity nudity or pornographic content. Sign up for My Biggest Fan Tier on Patreon to see implied nudes.

What is an implied nude?

My implied nude tier features fully nude photos without revealing any nips or lips.

What kind of content do you share on your paid sites?

I share flexibility and foot fetish content that is intimate, racy, sexy, and naughty. I wear lingerie (lace, sheer, micro, g-strings, etc.), costumes, and outfits that accentuate and show off my body. I do not censor wardrobe malfunctions, if/when they happen. Remember, my content focuses on the tease, not the reveal.

Do you make foot fetish content?


  • I have premade foot content and weekly sets available for purchase on OnlyFans
  • I have foot tiers on Patreon (Just Feet and Sole-ful)
  • I take custom requests from paid subscribers only
  • No self-worship

Can I request custom content?

Custom commissions are closed. I do take into consideration the requests from fan site members for what they would like to see in future sets.

Do you offer skype sessions, meetups, or in-person yoga?


Why did you start your subscription sites?

This has been an interesting journey for me. I started off disliking my body until I gained discipline, strength, and flexibility through yoga. It really helped unlock a repressed sensual side that I enjoy sharing on my private sites. It is also a source of income. I do not have a rich or well-off husband*, in fact, I've never been married. I put a lot of effort into this endeavor and will continue to create the best content possible with the resources I have, and believe that philosophy is reflected in all that I do. *There is absolutely nothing wrong with this for those who do! ;)